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The slip shorts dilemma!

Ever Wished for Eyes on the Back of Your Head on Escalators? While You Can’t Have Extra Eyes, You Can Have a Slip Shorts for Confidence and Style.

The miniskirt, since the 1960s, has been a symbol of liberation and self-expression. However, with its daring hemline comes a set of challenges that many women grapple with. Concerns about modesty, exposure to elements, and finding the right balance between style and practicality are common.

Let’s explore these concerns and discover the stylish and practical solutions!

Have you ever found yourself opting for pants over the perfect skirt, fearing an awkward situation might reveal your underwear?

The miniskirt’s enduring popularity is unquestionable. From its origins in the Swinging Sixties to its resurgence in modern fashion, the miniskirt has evolved while retaining its essence of defiance and liberation. However, wearing a miniskirt often poses practical challenges.

Women frequently express concerns about accidental exposure, especially in windy conditions or during ordinary activities. 

Additionally, the discomfort of sitting on public or outdoor seating without adequate protection can detract from the skirt’s appeal.


A stylish solution:

Caught in a Marilyn moment? Be grateful that your decorated slip shorts not only kept your privacy intact but also added a chic twist to your look!

Slip shorts worn beneath skirts and dresses have become a universally acknowledged solution for various occasions. Recognized not just for their ability to provide discretion from prying eyes, these garments are celebrated for their practicality. Importantly, for many women, the anti-chafing benefits are essential, making slip shorts invaluable for comfortably enjoying warmer spring and summer days in their cherished outfits.

Slip shorts are readily available on the market at various price points, including more affordable options.

However, it’s crucial to consider whether the fabric of these garments truly benefits the skin and sensitive areas they aim to protect.

Many slip shorts are made from materials that essentially mimic plastic bags, trapping heat and moisture. This can lead to excessive sweating and humidity in the genital area, creating conditions that are not only uncomfortable but potentially conducive to skin irritations and infections.

Levantina slip shorts are crafted from OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics, ensuring breathability and comfort. This certification guarantees that the materials used are free from harmful substances and are kind to your skin, providing a perfect blend of safety and ease for everyday wear.

You are already wearing yoga pants but you think they are lame, and not very sexy…

The Levantina slip shorts let’s you jump around without worrying with a sophisticated choice that enhances personal style. 

Classy Slip Shorts - Levantina by Rose&Leoni

Their design, inspired by the opulent pettipants of Venetian ladies, includes delicate lace details, adding an element of elegance. These shorts ensure that women can enjoy the freedom of wearing miniskirts without the worry of exposure or discomfort. Additionally, their premium fabric safeguards against unexpected breezes and provides protection on warm benches or seats. By choosing Levantina, women invest in quality materials and artisanal workmanship. Each piece truly reflects the ‘Made in Italy’ quality.

Beyond their practicality, Levantina slip shorts offer a modern style that marries the Venetian tradition with contemporary fashion.  

They are a versatile accessory, perfect for any woman seeking to add a touch of allure and sophistication to her wardrobe while maintaining comfort and protection.

In the quest for the right slip shorts, it’s common to encounter options that squeeze and reshape, much like a ‘tied sausage.’.

But what about garments that honor your health and body acceptance?

The Levantina slip shorts from Rose&Leoni offer just that. They are not just undergarments; they are a celebration of your natural form, crafted with style, comfort, and an elegant finesse.

Wearing a Levantina allows modern women to confidently wear miniskirts without compromising their comfort or style. Levantina is not just a practical choice; it’s a fashion statement that honors the legacy of Venetian elegance and the freedom of modern femininity.


Are you a skirt lover? Rose&Leoni has got you covered. Find your Levantina in our shop:

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