Have Questions? Send me an email at elisa@roseleoni.com


Hello! Allow me to introduce myself! 

My name is Elisa, a 33-year-old Italian with a deep passion for art history, digital photography, and fine clothing. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice more than a decade ago (time flies!).

After almost 10 years in the fashion industry in Milan, I was inspired to launch ‘Rose&Leoni’. This marked the beginning of my Levantina journey. I recognized a gap in the market for a specific type of garment that I had always envisioned, so I took the leap and created it myself!

If you have any doubts or questions, or even if you just want to say hello, contact me at this email: elisa@roseleoni.com

Discover my journey in the creation of Levantina Slip Shorts!