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Levantina Slip Shorts - white lace under skirt shorts

From the fabric to the elastic, certified materials 100% made in Italy

Craftsmanship Levantina slip shorts


Here’s Why the Quality of Fabric Matters

Do you love the feel of yoga pants and soft underwear? Did you know that the quality of your comfy clothes can greatly affect your comfort, especially in sweaty areas? It’s true! Picking the right fabric is key for your comfort and skin health.

But don’t worry! Levantina slip shorts are here to save the day. They’re not just any yoga pants.

Made with certified, breathable fabric, they give your skin a gentle hug, keeping you cool and comfortable all the time.

And guess what? They’re crafted with eco-friendly, high-tech fabrics straight from Italy.

Only Certified Materials

Why I Chose LYCRA To Make The Levantinas

Don’t let Lycra’s synthetic origin fool you! The Lycra selected for Levantina Slip Shorts comes directly from Italy. It’s made with care, certified Oeko-Tex quality, and produced with sustainability in mind.

Lycra feels like a second skin, stretching to fit your curves and moving with you without squeezing.

The Lycra used in Levantina Slip Shorts is light and soft, keeping you comfortable all day.

But there’s more! Levantina’s fabric is breathable, allowing your skin to breathe. This keeps you cool and dry, preventing sweat and discomfort in sensitive areas.

Levantina isn’t just another slip short. It’s a soft touch and a breath of fresh air all in one. By choosing Levantina, you’re choosing Italian quality and care for both you and the environment.

Craftsmanship Levantina slip shorts

In an era dominated by fast fashion, Levantina is a product made in small Italian manufactures, from the elastic to the fabric, it is a product 100% Made in Italy.

Levantina Slip Shorts by Rose&Leoni - 100% made in Italy


The Levantina is a 100% Italian product

I used locally-sourced materials and manufacture everything within a one-hour drive.

High-quality clothes with a smaller environmental impact.

Designed in the historic city of Vicenza and made right there, in the former territories of the Serenissima Republic.

Materials are sourced only from this well-known area, from the best fabrics to premium elastic.


Artisanship And Quality

Rose&Leoni’s Levantina slip shorts are the result of Italian craftsmanship, created by local artisans from small manufacturers. 

I work with small to medium-sized Italian workshops, maintaining close relationships and respecting their production schedules. This ensures every product is of the highest quality. Rose&Leoni follows the slow-fashion philosophy, valuing the people behind each garment.

The production is 100% Made in Italy, guaranteeing quality and authenticity in each piece.

By working closely with local producers, I ensure that every garment reflects the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

With Levantina slip shorts, you wear not just a quality garment but also the values of ethical sustainability and respect for craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship Levantina slip shorts

Experience the timeless elegance of Levantina. Shop Now and embrace Venetian Luxury