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Levantina, the Elegant Solution for Under Your Skirt

Ultra-light Slip Shorts, high-end, manufactured in Italy, decorated with Venetian-style lace


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Hand made Slip Short with Italian Merletto a Tombolo…

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The Design

Inspired by History,
Perfected by Technology:
the Art of Discreet Elegance

Levantina is inspired by the opulent pettipants worn beneath dresses, intended to protect venetian ladies from the cold and from the surfaces they sat upon (skirts were kept away from the body with frameworks) and to safeguard against indiscreet glances should the ladies sit directly on the rigid parts of the skirt, lifting it.

The design is adorned with delicate lace, as was the common practice in Venice for all clothing items, even men’s!

Classy Slip Shorts - Levantina by Rose&Leoni
Classy Slip Shorts - Levantina by Rose&Leoni

Certified Safe and Breathable Fabrics

You’ll Forget They’re There

Levantina offers an innovative experience with its materials, each one carefully selected and certified. Every Levantina is crafted from fabrics that meet the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, ensuring that both the fabric and lace are tested and certified free from harmful substances.

Rest assured, you’re wearing the best for your skin’s breathability.

A veil of sophistication and discretion against intrusive gazes.

Modesty Is Always in Fashion!

Levantina enhances any look, seamlessly blending style with comfort, whether you’re enjoying a sunny day or a cozy evening by the fire. Crafted exclusively with Italian materials like the elaborated lace and the ultra light breathable fabric, these aren’t just shorts—they’re a statement of elegance.

Choose Levantina and embrace elegance with a hint of Italian luxury.

Classy Slip Shorts - Levantina by Rose&Leoni
Craftsmanship Levantina slip shorts
Meticulously Crafted 100% in Italy with Certified Materials

Care and Dedication

Every pair of Levantina slip shorts tells a story of Italian excellence. Crafted with the finest Italian materials and certified fabrics, each piece is born from the meticulous work of small, local, artisanal manufacturers in the historic region of the Serenissima Republic. With Levantina, you’re not just wearing shorts; you’re embracing a legacy of quality and craftsmanship that’s authentically Made in Italy.

When you choose Levantina, you invest in genuine artistry and the enduring substance of luxury, not just a brand name.

In an era dominated by fast fashion, Levantina is a product made in small Italian manufactures, from the elastic to the fabric, it is a product 100% Made in Italy.

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Classy Slip Shorts - Levantina by Rose&Leoni

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About Me

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself! 

My name is Elisa, a 33-year-old Italian with a deep passion for art history, digital photography, and fine clothing. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice more than a decade ago (time flies!).

After almost 10 years in the fashion industry in Milan, I was inspired to launch ‘Rose&Leoni’. This marked the beginning of my Levantina journey. I recognized a gap in the market for a specific type of garment that I had always envisioned, so I took the leap and created it myself!

Curious to learn more or just want to drop a friendly ‘hello’? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to me at elisa@roseleoni.com

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