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From Venetian Renaissance to Modern Chic

The Story Behind Levantina Slip Shorts

Venetian Lady wearing 'braghesse' - 1598, Vecellio - Venezia

A Journey Through Time and Craftsmanship

Did you know that the ‘Levantina‘ you might wear under your dress or skirt have a story that goes way, way back to 14th-century Venice?

In the streets of 14th-century Venice, pettipants were more than just a practical undergarment; they were a symbol of elegance and refinement. 

Worn beneath voluminous skirts, these delicate garments safeguarded Venetian ladies from the cold and from the surfaces they sat upon. The intricate lace and fine materials used in their creation reflected the artistry and sophistication of the era.

Fast forward to today, and the essence of these historical pettipants is reimagined in Levantina slip shorts. As the founder of Rose&Leoni, my journey to create Levantina has been inspired by this rich Venetian heritage and my personal quest for perfection.

My Personal Quest for Perfection

Hi, I’m Elisa, the heart and soul behind Rose&Leoni. Everything started with a basic but significant realization: there was a gap in the market for high-quality, stylish, and comfortable slip shorts. 

As someone who adores the elegance of skirts but values comfort and practicality, I set out to create a product that blends both.

Levantina Slip Shorts by Rose&Leoni - Elisa
Levantina Slip Shorts by Rose&Leoni - Story

The Idea Behind Levantina Slip Shorts

One year ago, I embarked on this journey by delving into the rich history of pettipants. I spent countless hours researching the garment’s origins, its evolution, and its significance in Venetian fashion

This deep dive into history was not just about understanding the past but also about drawing inspiration for a contemporary twist on a classic piece.

I wanted to create a garment that is a piece of my culture, but with a modern twist that fits perfectly into your wardrobe.

The Designing Process

After delving into the history of pettipants, I focused on researching and designing the perfect slip shorts.

Comfort was at the forefront of my mind throughout the design process, and I handpicked the softest elastics and fabrics to prevent any discomfort or rolling up. To add a touch of elegance, I incorporated delicate lace inspired by the Venetian history of the garment.

As a one-woman-band brand, I have designed everything, from the garment itself to the graphics, branding, and website. Rose&Leoni reflects my dedication to creating a product that combines style, comfort, and quality in every detail.


Levantina Slip Shorts by Rose&Leoni - Production
Levantina Slip Shorts by Rose&Leoni - Production

The Production

With a clear vision in mind, I turned my focus to sourcing the finest materials. I traveled across Italy, handpicking only the best, ensuring that the materials are safe, breathable, and free from harmful substances.

The next step was finding skilled artisans who could bring my vision to life.

I sought out small, local manufacturers in the historic region of the Serenissima Republic, renowned for their attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Every pair of Levantina slip shorts is handcrafted in small batches, guaranteeing the highest quality and a unique touch in every piece.

Ready find the perfect Levantina  for your outfit?

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Blending the past with the present never looked so stylish. Add Levantina to your collection now!

Classy Slip Shorts - Levantina by Rose&Leoni

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