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Levantina Slip Shorts: Where Elegance Meets Comfort

A barrier of elegance and privacy against indiscreet glances. Rediscover the Luxury of feeling comfortable and stylish on every occasion.


  • Unique Comfort: extremely light, thin and breathable and thin fabric, it feels almost weightless and it adapts perfectly to your body.

  • Venetian Elegance: refined designs and intricate lace details inspired by the heart of Venice, every movement becomes a showcase of unparalleled style.

  • Eco-friendly fabrics: crafted from eco-friendly fabrics sourced directly from Italy, each piece is a testament to conscious fashion.

  • Say Goodbye to Discomfort: put an end to the woes of chafing and sweating, thanks to their breathable, high-quality fabric.

100% MADE IN ITALY… from the fabrics to the elastic!

  • Replace the uncomfortable experience of irritating, non-breathable fabrics with the luxurious sensation of Levantina.

  • Say goodbye to inadequate materials and restrictive shapewear. Embrace the freedom of unmatched comfort paired with effortless style. Levantina is designed to move with you, enhancing your natural elegance. Discover the perfect blend of luxury and liberation.

Artisanal Perfection in Limited Quantities!

Stress the small-scale Italian manufacturing, focusing on artisanal value and optimal production conditions.


Welcome to Rose&Leoni, a brand lovingly brought to life and managed all by Elisa, just me :)

I was born and now living in the historic city of Vicenza, my journey through Venice during the Academy of fine arts and the job career in Milan has deeply influenced Rose&Leoni. With Rose&Leoni I want to cherish the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship, embedding quality and tradition into every Levantina.

Each piece has a story, embodying the sophistication and elegance of Venetian culture. My commitment with Rose&Leoni is to collaborate with local production, as I proudly collaborate only with small-scale artisans in the Veneto region. Rose&Leoni stands as a beacon of Italian artistry, weaving the essence of her experiences into the fabric of every Levantina.

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