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Product 100% MADE IN ITALY with materials 100% MADE IN ITALY… from the fabric to the elastic!



The Levantina is crafted with great care and attention to quality, using high-grade fabrics sourced from Italy. Our aim is to offer a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and environmentally friendly.

The fabric of the Levantinas is incredibly thin, soft, and light to the touch. Wearing the Levantina, you will feel a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort on your skin. Its perfect fit and softness will make you feel at ease on any occasion.

By choosing a Levantina, you can be assured of wearing a product made with certified fabrics that respect both your well-being and the environment around us.

Certified Materials​


Lycra is a stretch fabric, which means it offers a snug and comfortable fit. It molds to the body’s curves, providing optimal support without restricting movement.

It is incredibly soft to the touch. Its pleasant and enveloping texture gives a sensation of comfort and lightness during wear. The Levantina gently conforms to the body, providing a delicate embrace that will make you feel at ease at all times.

Lycra is breathable: this fabric allows the skin to breathe freely, promoting air circulation and helping to keep the skin cool and dry.

It’s important to note that just because lycra is a synthetic fabric doesn’t mean it’s of lower quality. On the contrary, our lycra is produced in Italy with responsible manufacturing, respecting high standards in terms of quality, sustainability, and safety. The Italian suppliers that Rose&Leoni relies on are committed to ensuring the highest quality of fabric and reducing the environmental impact of production.

The specific and efficient characteristics of lycra, such as elasticity, softness, envelopment, and breathability, are precisely what makes the Levantina a unique garment of its kind.

The choice of lycra for the Levantina was motivated precisely by its ability to offer maximum comfort, fit, and breathability, combined with responsible production that guarantees the quality of the fabric.

In an era dominated by fast fashion, Levantina is a product made in small Italian manufactures, from the elastic to the fabric, it is a product 100% Made in Italy.

Levantina Slip Shorts by Rose&Leoni - 100% made in Italy


The Levantina is a 100% Italian product:

Conceived in the historical city of Vicenza and crafted in the Veneto region, in the former territories of the Serenissima Republic, using materials sourced exclusively from this renowned area, from the finest fabrics to the premium elastic.

Craftsmanship Levantina slip shorts



Rose&Leoni’s Levantine garments stand as a testament to the unmatched quality of Italian craftsmanship, brought to life by the passionate artisans of my region. To me, craftsmanship transcends mere manual skill; it embodies tradition, expertise, and pride passed down through generations.

I partner with small to medium-sized Italian ateliers, forging lasting bonds with these workshops and honoring their necessary production schedules. This ensures that every finished product meets the highest quality standards. Rose&Leoni embraces the slow-fashion philosophy, a movement that values the people behind each garment.

The artisans I work with are skilled and experienced individuals who bring the magic of Made in Italy to life. For me, sustainability starts with ethics – it means supporting and valuing these craftsmen, whose work is an art form in itself.

Rose&Leoni’s mission is to preserve the tradition and excellence of Made in Italy, supporting these special individuals who make each day unique and valuable. With Rose&Leoni’s Levantine, you wear not just a quality garment but also the value of ethical sustainability and respect for the artistry of craftsmanship.